Today’s specials:


Fisherman's soup from catfish

2300 Ft

Fisherman's soup with lemon

2500 Ft

Goulash soup

1400 Ft

Cold fruit soup

950 Ft

Chicken soup

950 Ft

Main dishes:

Walleye dish for one with homemade roasted potatoes

3500 Ft

Fish dish for two with homemade roasted potatoes

7000 Ft

Millenium dish for two with mixed garnish and steamed vegetables

6000 Ft

Pork chop filled with smoked cheese and pork shoulder, served with roasted potatoes

2500 Ft

Beef stew with curd cheese sztrapacska

2800 Ft

Chicken steak wrapped in bacon served with lyion onion, jasmine rice and fresh salad

2500 Ft

Chicken strips baked in lapcsánka coat, served with homemade garlic sour cream and fresh salad

1800 Ft

Cigánypecsenye with roasted potatoes

2300 Ft

Fried cheese with french fries

1800 Ft

Catfish in dill paprika cream sauce with cottage cheese pasta

2600 Ft

Sesame chicken strips with french fries

1800 Ft

Fresh mixed salad

700 Ft

Mixed pickles from Vecsés

700 Ft


Somlói dumplings

850 Ft

Restaurant Opening:
Wednesday to Sunday: 11:00 - 22:00